Shiva Pest Control Service is active from past 5 years in all districts of harkhand in order to add value to the environment. With its expert and professional staff, pest control has become a service provider in many provinces with the steps it has taken in the service sector and its investments in the sector.

The services and products offered have warranty conditions far beyond the legal limits. All the works done under the name of Shiva Pest Control are carried out by specialized personnel at the end of certain trainings.

Standards, continuity and technical support are at the forefront in the services and products offered. Within this scope, free discovery services and free customer education services are offered within the body of Shiva Pest Control. We are proud to work for a happier and healthier world.

We are proud to work for a happier and healthier world.


Improve the Quality of Community Health in order to increase the quality of public health, we provide an above-ground service to our customers by improving our health conscious conditions caused by pest and rodent pest problems and by constantly innovating to produce effective solutions.

Providing competitive advantage by focusing on customer satisfaction, which can compete with international brands, without compromising on quality of products and services, its activities and financial performance of continuous and profitable growth, which talked about the institutional and professional identity called in the industry, society and the quality of the services it offers while contributing to the environment to be a high value company.

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Why Choose Us

Shiva Pest Control is a huge group of the leading organization in delivering excellent Pest Management Services. We are dedicatede to solve pest problems. We have a team of professionally qualified person. We believein quality service and complete satisfaction of our customers.


who we are

Shiva pest control is a leading pest service provider in Cockroach, Bed Bug, Mosquito, Lizard Control Protection, Rodent Control Protection, Termites, and all other general pest control services.

We take pride in the fact that no one knows pests the way we do. Shiva network and expertise is unparalleled.

Last Six Year Statistics

In an effort to identify the circumstances under which chemical pesticides might be required in future pest management, the committee received input from experts during the information-gathering phase of its study. Perspectives were received in the form of invited presentations, written input, and informal responses from university and industrial scientists, pest-management practitioners, policy analysts, and other people with expertise in current practices and impacts of pesticide use. On the basis of input from workshops and other information sources, the committee concluded that the diversity of the US agricultural enterprise and other sectors of pesticide use makes generalizing virtually impossible.

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We believe in quality and give our best efforts to deliver the effective services to our clients. Our pest treatment is effective and we assure no re-infestation on a long-term basis once we applied it


Periodic Maintenance

The services you need are projected monthly / annually. In this way, you will be notified which service you will receive in the following months.


commercial control

Pest problems in the workplace can heavily impact on office management. Once the sophisticated techniques applied the effective pest treatment, the chances of re-infestation are considerably reduced.


domestic control

Our expert technicians who come to your home at the determined date and time will practice. It gives you written and oral information after the application.


insect control

We are experts in pest control and pertinent method in site inspections to treat the affected areas by using convenient approach to eliminate pests and insects.

our team

We have a team of professionally qualified personnel, who guide and supervise our trained and experienced operators. We believe in quality service and complete satisfaction of our customers.

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Please feel free to contact us if you would like to ask any queries regarding Pest Control Services. .